Course Description

The seven systems plan online course will include:

Commitment sheet for you to fill out to help you accomplish your goals
A weight loss graph for you to plot your progress.
A form to help you assemble your success team.
Menu planning sheets.
A food modification form that will allow you to make substitutions to your plan.

Each of the 7 chapters will include:
A detailed 15 to 20 question survey of each system to help you see if you have a problem with this system.
A case study of one of Dr. Pat’s actual patients who had a problem with the system including before-and-after pictures.
Two videos of Dr. Pat teaching the material in each chapter lasting about 45 minutes.
Bonus lesson for each chapter of The 7 Systems Plan.
Notes to fill out while viewing the course.
A quiz to test how well you understand the material in each chapter.
To do list for each of the systems in the body.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Disclaimer-Please Read

    • Welcome!

    • 7 Systems Plan WORKBOOK - NEW! Now you download the complete workbook!

    • Introduction to the 7 Systems Plan | A sneak peak on what the 7 Systems Plan is all about

    • Your Mission

    • Simple Changes -> Tremendous Benefits

    • Functional Foods and Supplements - Why they are so important! [VIDEO]

    • Your Food Journal and What to Eat

    • Superhuman Diet

    • Supermarket Shopping & Reading Labels

  • 2

    How to Have Success

    • 7 Reasons You Are Hungry

    • 3 Step Process To Change Behavior That Really Works

    • Assembling Your Success Team

  • 3

    The Structural System

    • Survey Your Structural System

    • Structural System Lesson 1 (Genes, Body Water, & Muscles/Bone/Fat)

    • Structural System Lesson 2 (Angry Fat & 7 Steps to Implement the Plan)

    • Structural System Lesson 3 (Fasting & FMDs)

    • Structural System Lesson 4 (Food Addiction)

    • Structural System Additional Information

    • Quiz on Structural System

    • Structural System TO DO:

    • Cindy's story

  • 4

    The Digestive System

    • Survey Your Digestive System

    • Success Plan

    • Digestive System Lesson 1 (The Importance of Gut Bacteria)

    • Digestive System Lesson 2 (Fermented Foods, How/When/Where you eat, Eating Out)

    • Digestive System Lesson 3 (Why you are hungry, Changing behavior, Assembling your Success Team)

    • Digestive System Lesson 4 (Your Microbiome)

    • Digestive System Fix Notes

    • Quiz on Digestive System

    • Digestive System TO DO

  • 5

    The Delivery System

    • Survey Your Delivery System

    • Delivery System Lesson 1 (How it works, Cholesterol, Statins, Heart Disease, Diabetes)

    • Delivery System Lesson 2 (Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins)

    • Delivery System Lesson 3 (Medical Foods & Vitamins)

    • Quiz on Delivery System

    • Delivery System TO DO

  • 6

    The Energy System

    • Survey Your Energy System

    • Energy System Lesson 1 VIDEO (Understanding the Energy System & 4 Things to increase your Energy)

    • Energy System Lesson 2 VIDEO (Practical Workout Routines)

    • Energy System Lesson 3 VIDEO (The Secrets to a Long and Healthy Life)

    • Aerobic Exercise Calendar

    • Weight Lifting Routine

    • 12 Steps to Make Exercise a Lasting Part of Your Life

    • 7 Minute Workout Routine

    • Exercise Notes

    • Metabolism Notes

    • Quiz on Energy System

    • Energy System TO DO

  • 7

    The Communication System

    • Survey Your Communication System

    • Communication System Lesson 1 (How it Works: Hormones, Nerves, & Neurotransmitters)

    • Communication System Lesson 2 (Cortisol the Stress Hormone & Solutions)

    • Communication System Lesson 3 (Understanding Nitric Oxide & Improving Your Love Life)

    • Quiz on Communication System

    • Communication Notes

    • Good Night's Sleep

    • Stress Notes

    • Communication System TO DO

    • Jo Dee's Story

  • 8

    The Defense System

    • Survey Your Defense System

    • Defense System Lesson 1 (How it Works & Inflammation)

    • Defense System Lesson 2 (How to Fix This System: 7 tips)

    • Defense System Lesson 3 (Making you Super-Human, The Science Behind the Plan, & Shopping)

    • Quiz on Defense System

    • Defense System Notes

    • Inflammation Notes

    • Defense System TO DO

    • Marla's Story

  • 9

    The Detox System

    • Survey Your Detox System

    • Detox System Lesson 1 (You are Toxic)

    • Detox System Lesson 2 (4 Ways to Make this System Work For You)

    • Detox System Lesson 3 (An Alphabet of Helpful Tools!)

    • Why PH Matters

    • Quiz on Detox System

    • Detox System TO DO

    • Larry's Story

About the instructor

7 Systems Plan Instructor

Dr. Pat Luse

Dr. Pat Luse is a chiropractic physician and is the president of Tri-State Physicians and Physical Therapy Clinic, a thriving multidiscipline practice employing doctors of medicine, physical therapy, and chiropractic. He is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and completed continuing education at the Institute for Functional Medicine. For over three decades he has treated tens of thousands of patients and is passionate about helping people regain their health through safe, natural methods. He developed the 7 Systems Plan after decades of research and study. He and his wife, Teresa, have been blessed with four biological and four adopted children and twelve grandchildren.